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ArkHub Storage & Archive

Storage and Archive within a Geo-Diverse On-Shore Australian Private Cloud

Simple & cost effective file & object data storage for Broadcast, Finance, Education, Post Production, VFX and Medical industries as well as Enterprise, with no Ingress or Egress fees.

We only charge on storage used.

Providing a concurrent 3-site redundancy of your data with a 100% availability SLA and 14 x 9 SLA on durability, ArkHub is built in line with Australian Federal Government expectations on content security, utilises disc storage technology for faster data recall, and is powered by an archive management system used by over 500 million end-users worldwide with over 800 billion objects in production, monitored & supported 24×7

CacheHub Near-Line Data Storage

Rapid & Secure within a Geo-Diverse On-Shore Australian Private Cloud

Simple & cost-effective file & object data storage for Broadcast, Finance, Education, Postproduction, VFX and Medical industries as well as Government & Enterprise, with no Ingress or Egress fees.

We only charge on storage used

CacheHub provides a ‘self-healing’ 3-site redundancy of all your content, built in line with Australian Federal Government expectations on content security using multiple 10 Gbits per second fibre infrastructure. CacheHub has an uptime SLA of 99.999999999999%, monitored and supported 24×7

Compliance Recording Services for Government, Medical, Education, Broadcast, Production or Enterprise, catering to regulatory or general recording of all types of live video or streaming audio playout

Our Compliance Recording services can record any source, any format at any resolution, with all Closed Captioning & other assorted metadata intact

Recorded content can be stored & accessed remotely from within MediaHub’s secure Private Cloud, allowing clients to access, review, search & extract their content on demand, as needed 24×7

24×7 Managed & Supported Data Centre Infrastructure as a Service

We can provide for the ‘remote-hands’ installation & structural redundancy of your hardware within a 24×7 Supported technical environment, purpose built with multiple levels of power & air-conditioning redundancies

Our Data Centre sites have redundant N+N HVAC air-conditioning, fire suppression systems, operational lighting, security monitoring with active alarming, automated smoke, moisture & heat detection, rack by rack power monitoring, air temperature stability controls & more

24×7 Managed & Supported Persistence of Critical Services

MediaHub’s Disaster Recovery Services can provide for multiple levels of Broadcast or I.T. redundancy at either the main MediaHub Data Centre, or via MediaHub’s 3rd party POP sites

We’ve been providing Disaster Recovery Services since 2010 & can design & implement any level of a client’s needs

Our operations are true 24×7 with on-site technical & supervisory staff. If requested, we can provide to clients ‘intervention’ services via our broadcast industry trained operators & technical staff, in the event of an unscheduled discontinuity of a client’s main services

ExchangeHub Media Asset Distribution

Simple, Secure & cost effective Private Cloud Asset Delivery & Distribution for Advertisers, Production companies and Broadcasters

We only charge on a SD or HD asset upload tier, per broadcaster. No booking fees, no ‘fast-track’ charging

Your content is uploaded & quality checked, then once approved for Broadcast, goes directly to the servers playing your commercial to air (for WIN, PRIME, IMPARJA & SKY News) No middleman.

If your commercial needs to air on other Networks, we can distribute your content to them via our FibreHub high speed fibre connectivity at no extra charge

FibreHub Managed Connectivity

Rapid, Private and Secure Fibre Connectivity Services for Broadcast, Finance, Education, Post Production, VFX and Medical industries as well as Government & Enterprise

A fully redundant network offering low latency-high capacity delivery of uncompressed baseband video & data services via physically secure Australian Data Centres & other key sites overseas

Protected by diverse ‘self-healing’ ring paths, on client request, we can initiate a US-NSA level of ‘layer 1 encryption’ on the light travelling down the fibre to further prevent any chance of your data being stolen. Even if the fibre were to be physically ‘tapped’, you’re protected.

FlexHub Managed Video Transcoding & Conversion Services

From Broadcast to web level Video Transcoding, HD or SD with 24×7 staff to monitor & quality control all aspects of the transcoding process without extra cost impact to clients

We provide optimised multi-file versioning with file correction, multiple live stream or file transcoding, ‘bulk transcoding’ of files to specific ‘mezzanine’ formats, Private Cloud access for client’s to view cataloguing and job history’s, extraction of embedded telex captions from legacy file formats & convert them to .stl (caption) files, delivery of low-res proxies of transcoded files for client viewing, & more

MamHub Media Asset Management Services

Secure Private Cloud based Media Asset Management Services, providing clients with a full end-to-end workflow engine for Automated Ingest, Cataloguing, Quality Control, Basic Editing, Transcoding, File Based Standards Conversion & Asset Delivery, along with any client specific YouTube or VOD requirements 24×7

MamHub integrates with CacheHub Storage, ArkHub Deep Archive (Coming Soon), FibreHub Connectivity, ExchangeHub Media Asset Distribution & XcodeHub Transcoding, to provide to clients a powerful suite of Services

24×7 technical monitoring & escalation hub for multi-client broadcast operations and telecommunications services

Running 24×7, the MediaHub Master Control & Network Operations Centre helps maintain the quality and technical accuracy of on-air services, controls the routing of incoming video feeds, monitors the health status of remote Australian Broadcast Transmitter sites, and is the centralised technical operations escalation point for our multi-client Broadcast & Telecommunications Services

PresHub 24×7 Multi-Channel Linear Broadcast Playout Services

Fully managed by industry trained Broadcast operators controlling all aspects of live & thematic channel playout. Professional integration & monitoring of client scheduled programming with commercial & promotional content, multi-level On-air graphics, Voiceovers, Closed Captioning, Audio Description Services and more

We’re currently the largest Broadcast Centre in the Southern Hemisphere, daily managing the playout of over 400 services to every state & territory in Australia as well as playout to New Zealand & throughout Asia, India, the Pacific & into China

StreamHub CDN agnostic Live Streaming, locally and globally, for Television, Radio & VOD Services

Running 24×7 from our managed and supported secure Private Cloud, our live streaming system has a combined internet capacity in excess of 2.5 Gigabits per second, providing for thousands of concurrent connections globally

StreamHub also offers multi-level monitoring, around the clock staff support, geo-blocking of your content, options for Disaster Recovery & multi-system failovers, Time-Delay streaming for different time zones & the ability to ‘wind-up’ streaming resources for special ‘on-demand’ high capacity event Broadcasts

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