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Simplify your data storage with a 100% Australian owned and operated, low cost data storage service solution

ArkHub is designed to provide the most secure and scalable storage and archive facility for businesses around the world.

Keep your data onshore with local storage and more money in your pocket with competitive ingress and egress costs. You can also rest easy knowing you’ll experience no downtime or data loss with industry leading HPE technology.

100% Australian-owned and operated

ArkHub data is all stored onshore in Australia, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly where your data is located and that it’s always secure.

Uncompromising security

Eliminate downtime and data loss. All data is encrypted at rest and ArkHub is ISO 27001 certified.

Flexible scalability

ArkHub offers unbeatable flexibility, adapting to your organisational needs. Scale linearly and limitlessly without adding administrator overhead or additional components.

Competitive pricing

You’ll have access to low-cost storage with simple pricing: a single monthly bill with no egress costs and competitive ingress fees.

Incredible performance

ArkHub features a high bandwidth in one single, multi-application environment. With nearly 1PB of storage in one dense server, ArkHub is equipped to handle all types of workloads.

ArkHub service offering

ArkHub is built in line with Australian Federal Government expectations on content security, providing a concurrent 3-site redundancy of your data with a 100% availability SLA and 14 x 9 SLA on durability.

All ArkHub services include DirectConnect (direct access via MediaHub hosted connectors) and WebConnect (fast and secure file transfer and data storage over the Internet using CatonNet Cydex). 

ArkHub data is monitored and supported 24/7 by the committed and dependable MediaHub operations and technology team.

Archive storage

Data is synchronously stored across a minimum of 3 physical data centers.

Archive storage 2

Two copies of data are synchronously stored across a minimum of 3 physical data centers on a separate data center ring to the primary copy.

Media asset management

Media Files can be transferred from ArkHub to CacheHub, ‘Managed’ and Transferred back to ArkHub.

NAS archiver

Identify and migrate inactive NAS data automatically and transparently to ArkHub.

How ArkHub compares to major providers

ArkHub Storage and Archive
Amazon S3 Glacier
Microsoft Azure Blod Archive-GRS
Google Cloud Coldline
Base storage cost
No retrieval cost
No data ingress costs
No early deletion cost
NO data egress costs
No comprehensive business support costs
'14 X nine durability'
No minimum storage duration
Millisecond access latency
100% availability SLA

Ready to see how ArkHub can secure your data and keep more money in your pocket?