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ArkHub provides low cost archive storage, which is agnostic across industries, highly reliable, highly scalable, easy to use, and with all the features of the hyperscale storage vendors, but without the ingress, egress, retrieval, support, and region costs which the major vendors levy their clients.

Low-Cost Storage, Simple Pricing

Simple & cost effective file & object data storage for Broadcast, Finance, Education, Post Production, VFX and Medical industries as well as Enterprise, with no Ingress or Egress fees.

Enjoy secure ease of access via the public internet using ArkHub WebConnect or via direct connection using ArkHub DirectConnect.

Providing a concurrent 3-site redundancy of your data with a 100% availability SLA and 14 x 9 SLA on durability, ArkHub is built in line with Australian Federal Government expectations on content security, utilises disc storage technology for faster data recall, and is powered by an archive management system used by over 500 million end-users worldwide with over 800 billion objects in production, monitored & supported 24×7.Developed as a low-cost storage service that provides secure, robust and agile storage for data backup and archive, ArkHub is the storage gamechanger we’ve all been waiting for, allowing you to store data and pay through a simple per gigabyte per month fee.

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Additional benefits of Arkhub

Storage is 100% disk based, (not tape based)

All client data is stored on shore, along with specific IP and entry points

Supports all the main and over 54 independent software vendor’s (ISV) backup solutions

All clients will have access to the most premium dedicated care services (customer support)

Designed for clients to self manage their own data and content 24/7

Encryption using SSL for data in transit

Next level high security physical and Layer 1 protection for data in transit

ArkHub Access

ArkHub DirectConnect

Direct access to ArkHub via MediaHub hosted connectors. Telco link eLine services, FibreHub, datacentre and cloud cross connects and Internet Exchange supported

ArkHub WebConnect

Fast and Secure, anywhere to anywhere, file transfer and data storage over Internet using CatonNet Cydex

ArkHub services

Archive Storage

Data is synchronously stored across a minimum of 3 physical datacenters

Archive Storage with 2nd Copy

Two copies of data are synchronously stored across a minimum of 3 physical datacenters on a separate datacenter ring to the primary copy

Bandwidth Burst

Bandwidth burst options up to 10GB/s

Media Asset Management

Media Files can be transferred from ArkHub to CacheHub, ‘Managed’ and Transferred back to ArkHub

FlexHub Transcoding Services

Data files can be transcoded/converted prior to data storage or any time after

NAS Archiver

Identify and migrate inactive NAS data automatically and transparently to ArkHub

Arkhub comparison

ArkHub logo AWS logo Azure logo Google cloud coldline logo
no retrieval cost Yes No No No
no early deletion cost Yes No No No
no data ingress costs Yes No No No
no data egress costs Yes No No No
no comprehensive business support costs Yes No No No
’14 X nine durability’ Yes No Yes No
no minimum storage duration Yes No No No
millisecond access latency Yes No No Yes
100% availability sla Yes No No No


Simple Pricing Model

  • Only Monthly Storage Costs Charged
  • No Data Ingress, Egress or Retrieval Costs
  • No Early Deletion Costs
  • No Support Costs

ArkHub Support

  • Dedicated Care Service
  • Remote Assistance
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Designated Engineer
  • Quarterly review and auditing

Arkhub reality

  • 14 x Nines Durability
  • 100% Availability SLA
  • Data is synchronously stored across a minimum of three physical datacenters

Technical Specifications

  • Millisecond Access Latency
  • Full S3 (AWS) Compatibility
  • Supports SSL for data in transit and encryption of data at rest
  • Supports SMB/CIFS, NFS, S3,& RESTfile access protocols
  • Supports File, Object and OpenStack data formats
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