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Go further with ArkHub storage and archive

Are you ready to reduce your data storage costs and complexity? Are you ready to simplify your data storage? ArkHub is a powerful local storage solution that allows your business to go further by delivering flexible scalability and high performance at a low monthly fee. It’s perfect for Big Data, backup and archive, content repositories, […]

ArkHub data storage solution overview

The challenge The new digital landscape puts immense pressure on broadcasters to not just securely and efficiently store large and ever-growing volumes of digital content, but also to be able to access it in an instant. For example, they may need to repurpose content to create an obituary or support live footage as part of […]

Object storage with HPE Apollo 4000 & scality ring

Support the growing demand for data storage with an object storage solution that delivers performance, reliability, and massive scalability while answering data center challenges of space, energy, and time.